JEAN DE SPERATI: MASTER FORGER. Jean de Sperati relaxing in his study. The name “Jean de Sperati” is one of the most famous and infamous in the history. Media in category “Jean de Sperati”. The following 6 files are in this category, out of 6 total. A signed work of Jean de × ;. , English, Book, Illustrated edition: The work of Jean De Sperati II: including previously unlisted forgeries / Robson Lowe and Carl Walske. Lowe, Robson.

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This eventually resulted in more than high-quality forgeries from more than different stamp-issuing agencies. Sperati still managed to convince the police that they were fakes, and was therefore charged with fraud.

On that basis, my price of about half Gibbons for the genuine is quite attractive, especially as no copy has been seen on this Australian market for many decades, if ever. A shipment marked as valuable from Sperati to a stamp dealer in LisbonPortugal was intercepted by French customs. A spearti Sperati approval sheet offered to a collector at discount price. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Jean de Sperati – Forger Extraordinaire

And in the world of philately, the master forger was surely Jean de Sperati. Despite the dd of the experts Sperati managed to convince the police that they were fakes, and he was then charged with fraud.

I am probably the only dealer in Australia spetati have owned 3 of these 4, and the WA is the only one that has eluded me! The largest internet stamp shop. Sperati was so good, a mailing of 18 forgeries addressed to Spain was seized in by French Customs who has them assessed as being all genuine. A ton more detailed background on Sperati and his amazing forgeries is found at – www.

Sperati only made 4 forgeries from Australasia. The “Livre D’Or” would eventually contain different expertised stamps. This stamp shows perfectly the main characteristic of the forgery Freestampmagazine — Stamp Collecting Blog.


Freestampmagazine — Stamp Collecting Blog. A cache of his stamps, marked as valuable and intended for a Lisbon stamp dealer, was discovered by customs officials. He was convicted in April The largest internet stamp shop. Infor the first time in his life, Sperati came into conflict with the law. These experts speratk to the judgment that the stamps in question were all originals, and very valuable ones at that.

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Jean de Sperati – Forger Extraordinaire – Freestampmagazine – Stamp Collecting Blog

In jeaan projects Wikimedia Commons. All lots offered are subject to my usual Conditions of Salecopy upon request. He protested his innocence, and explained to the police that it contained only copies of valuable stamps, which he himself had prepared, whereupon the police called in the country’s best stamp experts to clear up the facts of the case.

Full Time Stamp Dealer in Australia for over 35 years.


By Jean de Sperati was earning enough to become a full-time stamp jeaan. In this second, and final, instalment we move forward to the third decade of the 20th Century. He was so good that he was acting as a dealer but producing and selling copies of rare stamps to unknowing reputable dealers in Europe.

He kindly endorsed in pen, the Shreves New York lot card, to the buyer from me: But, most importantly, he agreed that he would never again produce a counterfeit stamp. Unsourced material may seprati challenged and removed. Earn Jfan Flier points while buying at bargain prices. For complete details on the Gray sale, click – https: Sperati was born in Pistoia[5] Italy, though he spent a large part of his life in France where he adopted the name Jean.

This forced his brothers, Massimo and Mariano, to take up a trade — one becoming a photographer, the other a stamp dealer. He was particularly interested in printing techniques, as well as photography which was in its infancy at that time. Sperati created what he called a Livre d’Or which he boasted of in his autobiography and which contained favourable opinions as to the genuineness of his forgeries from numerous experts, including Dr.


In reality the colour of this forgery matches the genuine virtually identically. ForgeriesJean de SperatiUnited States. He then withdrew from the forgery business and promised never again to falsify a stamp. Even today, many valuable collections contain knowingly and unknowingly de Sperati forgeries — and some collectors are completely focused on seeking out his reproductions as a topic for their collections.

Known to exist, I doubt a copy has ever been previously on the market in Australia. I also have just sold another very rare Sperati Forgery. Many of them slumber undetected in various collections. Comes complete with the original Bynoff-Smith album page, and photocopy of the BPA London Sperati handbook pages on this stamp, showing this is the exact example illustrated there. Sperati was a master craftsman, and produced very small numbers of meticulous masterpieces, rather than the masses of low quality JUNK quality material manufactured by Panelli, Spiro Brothers and Fournier etc.

Sperati retained his Italian passport throughout his life and always considered himself an Italian.

This site uses cookies: PTS London and many other philatelic bodies. This ensured the stamp had a genuine watermark and cancellation and perfs.

However, when Sperati died init was discovered he had still been hard at work with his reproductions.