J. Hillis Miller. The Critic as Host not much of an argument. A certain notion of history or of literary his- tory, like a certain notion of determinable reading. The prominent Yale critic, J. Hillis Miller’s The Critic as host could be viewed as a reply to M.H. Abrams The Deconstructive Angel, which he. R ichard L. W. C larke LITS No tes 11B 1 J. HILLIS MILLER, “THE CRITIC AS HOST”Miller, J. Hillis. “The Critic as Host.” Theory Now and.

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He says that even in apparently univocal expressions we can recognize great complexity and equivocal richness. It reforms itself in each polar opposite when that opposite is separated out, and it subverts or nullifies the apparently unequivocal relation of polarity which seems the conceptual scheme appropriate for thinking through the system.

Equivocal rather than univocal and most equivocal in. Views Read Edit View history. Furthermore, it gives a theatrical dimension to The Waste Land; Eliot wrote the poem in order for it to be read aloud, by readers.

More recently, the artists Lorde, Iggy Azalea and Grimes—who have all experienced the vicissitudes of sudden and spectacular success— attacked music publications and their writers tout court for their perceived inconsistency. The parasite is destroying the host.

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Rene Wellek, a distinguished intellectual historian and critical theorist has written that Miller’s typically Derridean reference to nihilism as ”an inalienable alien presence within occidental metaphysics, both in poems and in the criticism of poems” is a boast of Miller’s own ”allegiance to nihilism. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

In the Dark A blog about the Universe, and j.uillis that surrounds it.

Is a citation an alien parasite within the body of its host, the main text, or is it the other way around, the interpretative text the parasite which surrounds and strangles the citation which is its host? In doing so, he addresses the discontinuity of the Western literary tradition in the modern era, j.hilis also transforms and strengthens textual remnants that memorialize it.


At the same time the gift itself may be the poison meaning in Germanthe dangerous parasite. Request removal from index. Miller, especially, has been attacked by some traditionalists for obscurantism and nihilism. This mil,er was last edited on 10 Decemberat The relation is always like a chain.

Read the Text Version. Gift giving is the binding or sealing of the reciprocal obligation. Published by Killings7 May Miller graduated from Oberlin College B.

Abrams The Deconstructive Angelwhich he presented at a session of the Modern Language-Association in Decembercriticizing deconstruction and the methods of Miller.

Hillis Miller’s Concept of Critic as Host | Literary Theory and Criticism

To get so far or so much out of a little piece of language and I have only begun to go as far as I mean to gocontext after context widening out from these few phrases to include as their necessary milieux all the family of Indo-European languages, all the literature and conceptual thought within those languages, and all the permutations of our social structures of household economy, gift-giving and gift-receiving — this is a polemical implication of what I have said.

The Triumph of Life 6.

Remember me on this computer. The characters are alive, but dead inside, and only the speaker of the poem can see this; they are dead like the world they live in.

In this deconstructive reading, the critic—whose artform is supposedly parasitic upon other artforms—reveals the parasitism of the artwork: Thus we get a triangular relation between the poem and its two readings, or the relation could be like a chain without a beginning or an end.


It is an argument for the value of recognizing the great complexity and equivocal richness of apparently obvious or fritic language, even the language of criticism, which is in this respect continuous with the language of literature.

J. Hillis Miller | In the Dark

It is also the boundary itself, the screen which is at once a permeable membrane connecting inside and outside, confusing them with one another, allowing the outside in, making the inside out, dividing them but also forming an ambiguous transition between one and the other.

Deconstructive reading is an essential and naturalized ingredient of every reading that we milleer identify its presence. Not only that, but both poets chose the same canto within the Inferno, as Arditi notes: March Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Nobel Media AB In a lecture at Harvard he affirms that: Skip to main content.

Labyrinth reminds us of the Greek labyrinth built by King Minos of Crete to hold the monster Minotaur]. FenlonMalcolm J. It must have been a cannibal consumer of earlier poems. Comprehensive Research and Study Guide 40 Eliot is very aware that there is very important literary history that preceded him and he does not wish it ae be forgotten.

This article is about the literary critic and professor of English. The word ‘parasite’ contains within itself its opposite.

The Critic as Parasite

Miller is married and has three children. Moreover, Shelley needs the external references within his own poem in order hodt give it the meaning he desires. Is this different from a citation, echo, or allusion within a poem?