Una vacante imprevista has ratings and reviews. I returned it to the library and my kids asked about the author (they recognized JK Rowling). They call it “denial marketing”: the process whereby the contents of JK Rowling’s books are guarded like the crown jewels until publication day. Una Vacante Imprevista = A Casual Vacancy by J. K. Rowling at – ISBN X – ISBN – Salamandra –

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On the other hand Imprevksta read reviews about books that are worth reading go to http: I had to read it twice to really understand it. Petty small town politics, gossip and soap opera-like romance?

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However said change had little to no effect on the body copy of the novel. Is this some kind of joke?

JK Rowling: The Casual Vacancy – review

You dont have to prove that you can do ‘everything’ by being cheap It does have a kk funny phrases, but it’s all pitch-black comedy, and there’s not enough of it. I don’t plan to read the book, but I just happened to see someone quoting one sentence from said book and praised Rowling for her good writing. The Casual Vacancy is Rowling deciding in her junior year of high school that she doesn’t want to be the quiet good girl anymore, so she goes out and dyes her hair some shade of neon and starts dressing all in black and listening to screamo and leaves her debate club and choir friends for the poetic crowd.


My readers will love it! It’s nihilistic at its core.

Una vacante imprevista by J.K. Rowling (1 star ratings)

I’m not sure if this is Rowling’s worst book though This book is not yet featured on Listopia. View all 8 comments. Rowling has reportedly drawn on her own mildly unhappy West Country childhood, in a village outside Bristol and then later outside Chepstow.

Look at me, this book is for adult audience. K, you are truly great.

Una vacante imprevista

rowlig Una vacante imprevista by J. Wow, all the fun has just been sucked right out. It’s making me nauseous. Rowling Publicaciones y Ediciones Salamandra, S.

JK Rowling: The Casual Vacancy – review | Books | The Guardian

That Barry Fairbrother fellow seems to be a descent human being but he’s dead in the first few pages, there’s a girl who has a troubled home life and gacante junkie mother, she actually shows a lot of promise for character depth.

See all 35 questions about Una vacante imprevista….

There was plenty more that offended my personal sensibilities, but suffice it to say that this was a lot of text with very little substance. Unless, of course, you absolutely cannot deal with rowlimg mention or allusion to the topics previously listed, or under the age of 16, in which case, it actually is a good idea to stay away.


They married on 14 March Show 25 25 50 All. He got the measles and was visited by his friends, including a giant bee called Miss Bee. I am very sorry for the fans, but I gave up after page Impeevista predictable about that?

Instead, this book feels like it is trying so hard to be for adults that it just ends up being boring. The Casual Vacancy 5 Jan 08, You see, Rowling was determined to make this an Adult Book, which apparently means taking on “real life” issues of the Rated R variation. I’m a guilty party to the issue myself for giving in to my curiosity, but it doesn’t stop me from feeling sore that vvacante book like this could vault to the top of th I would rather give this two stars, but Goodreads only gives one option for “I didn’t like this book.

A big part of it was the characters. Basically some more stuff happened not really even worth mentioning and then I was finally at the end of the book. Rowlingpronounced like rollingher name when her first Harry Potter book was published was simply Joanne Rowling.