John Alexander Dowie (), faith healer, was born on 25 May in Edinburgh, son of John Dowie, breechesmaker, and his wife Ann Macfarlan. John Alexander Dowie, (born May 25, , Edinburgh—died March 9, , City of Zion, Ill., U.S.), U.S. evangelist and faith healer who founded the Christian . Truth in History, JOHN ALEXANDER DOWIE Though “he being dead yet speaketh” On May 24, Dowie was born into the home of highly educated and.

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Dowie is certainly an unique character for these early years of the twentieth century. One Scriptural fact that Dr. Dowie continued to pursue the construction of Zion City and promote his ministry throughout the United States and overseas. RicheyGordon LindsayWilliam H. His father, John Murray Dowie, was a tailor and part time preacher.

At the age of sixteen, he was divinely healed of chronic dyspepsia.

Dowie failed to point out is that the Israelites that were carried away into the Assyrian captivities of BC to BC also included thousands of people from the Southern Kingdom of Judah. From October 10he held capacity crowd meetings at St. Theocratic rule was typical of early civilizations.

InDowie moved again and accepted the pulpit at a church in the Sydney suburb of Newtown. In his own words, he relates the following account. We went to Zion and the boy was healed.


Two years later to he went to the Chicago world’s fair, and had healing meetings outside the fairgrounds. The instinct of accumulation was active and enterprising in him: He studied for a time in the University and the Theological Halls of Edinburgh.

This criticism largely stemmed from differences of opinion on the use of “means” or medicine; Dowie was for total reliance on divine healing and against the use of all forms of medicine. He spoke against A. Just one word more.

At 20 he forsook business to study for the Congregational ministry in Adelaide and Scotland and on 21 May was ordained to the pastorate of Alma and Hamley Bridge in South Australia. What did I say?

Biography – John Alexander Dowie – Australian Dictionary of Biography

The physicians were going to operate on her, but she decided that an operation would be useless. He was well accepted by the common people as his public meetings were well attended. Dowie envisioned that the city, founded on principles of racial equality, would be run in accordance with Christian ethics. They had three children, Gladstone —Jeanie —and Esther — His resignation nine months later was due, he said, to ill health; others said that aexander had quarrelled with his congregation.


Dowie, John Alexander (1847-1907)

The greatest legacies that Dowie left were the lives of the men and women of God who carried the truth of God’s healing power on into their own ministries. And oh, what aching voids were left in many a widowed, orphaned heart. Zion, IllinoisUnited States. For God was with Him. I had a sister, Mrs.

There is no doubt whatever that the Kingdoms of this world must become the Kingdoms of our God and His Christ, and in that day it will not be Democracy, nor Aristocracy, nor Oligarchy, nor Autocracy, but the form of government will be Theocracy. It was here that God revealed that healing was still for today.

Your contribution may be further edited by our staff, and its publication is subject to our final approval. Irving believed that cessassionist theology was wrong, and the gifts were still available to the church today. His authoritarian rule soon bred revolt; his story of it was recorded in Sin in The Camp.