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Mico 3d wk Oct. Qoorgia Padllc— Ist 4191 g The facts material to the inquiry are as follows The plaintiff shipped a number of cars of corn from Scranton, Iowa, to Chicago, at 18 cents per pounds, which was the local rate.

10-Sep-1918 › Page 1 – Fold3.com

The following suits for Wrightsy. S-U euti 9J-1 78 81 97 -o 8: Members of the committee who have been interviewed with reference tO’ this attachment decline to make any statement, except that it is a matter that does not at present in any way concern the bondholders’ committee and that it is a private suit of Royall, who was formerly the counsel of the Council of Foreign Bondholders, against the couQcil, who he alleges has a monetary interest in the settlement which has been made, and that this interest is attachable in the hands of the Planters’ National Bank.


Average thermometer 66, highest 76 and low- a decrease compared with last year in the week’s receipts of est Tenn lien, 7e i: President McLeod suggested the advisability of creating tlie position of Chairman of the board of direct-irs, and a resolution to that effect was passed and Mr. To Hamburg – Oct. The spot market was lower, with exporters active buyers at the decline.

It is authoritatively stated to-day —Messrs. A regular Banking Bnalness Traniacted. There were in all thirteen bids received for this loan. Bleached shirtings and wide sheetings are steady with barely an exception, while other domestics are strong, with further occasional advances quoted; printed fabrics are firm but ginghams weak.

WaynesborotOi-O 7J-3i 99 The vote cast wasshares, which is the largest vote ever cast at an Atchison annual meeting. We subjoin reports as pubUcation Some of municipal debts received since the to State and City Supplement. Total debt May 9 4181 Shipments for the week.

Shipments since Sept, 1. Total Assessed Bale of Tax Valuation. E or six muiith.

Commercial and Financial Chronicle, October 29, , Vol. 55, No. | FRASER | St. Louis Fed

Oct 26 -Steamer Markomannla, Posted rates of leading bankers are as fallows: Personal attention given at the N. New Issues of municipal bonds wanted. About this image Short Description: Current River Dttluth S. Pirs eUitjin of then Pvat Olune i iadiie and utuer ihnxtorica ‘.


Killed In artlnn na the: AAti 2d wk Oct 45, To afford an indication of the quantity of coal consumed by the New England section, we have made up the following statement from statistics conInformation of tained in one of the Census bulletins. Tot’l both Co’s Septemb’r. AACb 3d wk Oct 67, Loulsv. Felton remarks that the total tons moved shows an increase of per cent as compared with the previous year, and while the load per car was increased per cent, the tons per train percent, the cost per train mile decreased percent and the expenses per ton per mile reduced per cent, yet the average rate received decreased per cent, an amount so large as to offset the economies inaugurated in the train movement.

Commercial Cable 96 Jan. The Richmond, Thomas B. Refined petroleu’ii is dull kbba unchinged at 6c. Make the information on this image better by adding what you know.