DIESEL ENGINES I for ship propulsion and power plants FROM 0 TO kW . Year: Language: english. Author: Kees Kuiken. The Diesel Engines: for Ship Propulsion and Power Plants [Kees Kuiken] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This is Edition. 3 results for Books: “Kees Kuiken”. Product Details. The Diesel Engines: for Ship Propulsion and Power Plants. by Folkert Kuiken and Kees Hengeveld.

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The use of industrial diesel engines 1 The use of industrial diesel engines 12 2 Classification of diesel engines 18 3 Working principles of diesel engines 36 4 Efficiency and losses of diesel engines 48 5 Standard figures of various types of diesel engines 68 6 Construction of various types of diesel engines 82 7 Use of materials for diesel engines 8 Fuels, fuel-line systems and fuel cleaning 9 Fuel-injection systems 10 Cooling diesel engines 11 Lubrication of engines 12 Air supply 13 Driving gears 14 Starting systems of kujken engines 15 Speed control 16 Noise, origin and damping 17 Vibrations and Balancing Diesel engines are used for a variety of applications.

Diesel Engines II – Kees Kuiken [, PDF] :: Marine Tracker

It can be used as a textbook for a software metrics and quality assurance course or as a useful supplement in any software engineering course. Here the transformers are fed by the diesel gensets increasing the voltage from 13, tovolt.

Siesel Books Not maritime. Lars Fors Engineering Department University of KalmarLecturer I am very excited to have a text to accompany my two semester courses that is so up to-date and beautifully done. The engine types used often fall in category II. Thank you very much for the sample copies of your second edition which I received on Monday Sanjeev Sarwal Marine EngineeringDlesel Instructor I have already purchased from you a copy of Diesel Engines in english some time ago and I would like to compliment you on writing a truly great and very informative book.


The time now is: It is impossible kes single out any specific company. Thus the total efficiency for the generation of electric power remains high.


Is it possible to add them? Generating the electric energy required on large passenger ships. Shown, an eighteen-cylinder V-engine. Konstruktion GK Beskrivning saknas.

Fuel and lubricating-oil 25 Operational management and automation 26 Reconditioning engines and their parts 27 Maintenance and repairs vibration dampers, shafting and 28 Casting of engine parts shaft generator drives 29 New fuel developments 30 Bedplates and engine alignments, gearboxes, 31 Propellers 32 Regulations for propulsion engines, classification separators repair and damage Electricity is generated by diesel power plants in most parts of the world.

Adjusting the engine enginee in case of damaged cylinder liners The large amounts of fuel are delivered by pipeline, ship or fuel tankers and stored temporarily in the storage tanks, enough supply for several days of consumption.

The use of combustion engine equipment such as chain saws, water pumps, concrete mixers and lawn mowers has seen an explosive increase. A Rigorous and Practical Approach, Third Edition provides an up-to-date, accessible, and comprehensive introduction to software metrics.

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We, at Target Global Energy Training have opted keees a more practical approach. Also in generating electricity the diesel power plant plays an important role. These diesel gensets can be started within several seconds and immediately operate at full load.

Diesel Engines I for Ship Propulsion and Power Plants Kees Kuiken 2008 HB

Niceday Bic Ecoclick Svart. Much attention has been paid to the choice of proper graphic material. In the foreground the electric generator diesell its own air-cooling system.

Four-stroke high-speed diesel engines operating on. This includes mobile floating power plants. Industrial diesel engines from to 30, kW shaft power, fuel H. Shaft power 68, kW. Marine Tracker Tracker Archive.

Order Now More info. We have chosen to make use of many pictures accompanied by a written explanation. Left of the engine room the dieeel filters, with right the exhaust-gas lines and sound dampers. Industrial diesel engines from 0 to kW shaft power, fuel M. Pentel Energel 0,7 Brun. The industrial diesel engines mentioned in this hook are almost all used for propelling an enormous diversity of ships.