KWP vs UDS: Keyword Protocol & Unified Diagnostic Services are and diagnostics specifications from the vehicle manufacturers. KWP – Basic Information. KWP is a Uart based data link protocol uses ISO K and L line for signal communication. K – Line” is. Protocols – KWP (ISO and ISO ), UDS (ISO ) range of OBD specifications for cars and commercial vehicles to create one regulation.

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CAN is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to K-line because the CAN bus is usually present in modern-day vehicles and thus removing the need to install an additional physical cable. Supports a symmetrical number of requests and response between the tester and the ECU s.

Both the diagnostic protocol facilitate exchange of request and command messages from the test equipment to the automotive ECU; and key measurement values data in response from the vehicle ECU.

A Guide for the Penetration Tester. Thus UDS offers more detailed information related to the fault through periodic update. KWP can be implemented on CAN using just specifixation service layer and session layer no header specifying length, source and target addresses specificagion used and no checksum is used ; or using all layers header and checksum are encapsulated within a CAN frame. Hence number of requests and response between the tester and the ECU can vary.


Newsletter You want to keep informed. But it also calls for additional requirement for ECU memory along with extra development costs. Modular architecture re-design across fleet management product lines – GPS fleet security, vehicle and trailer tracking. This means increased efficiency of data exchange. Transfer of measurement values: The exchange of messages between testing device and the vehicle ECU forms the basis of the diagnostic system. While, Prltocol protocol can be seen as a superset of the KWPsince it is derived from the latter, a comparison of both as specifiaction diagnostic protocols gives out some interesting facts:.

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While, UDS protocol can be seen as a superset of the KWPsince it is derived from the latter, a comparison of both as the diagnostic protocols specificatio out some interesting facts: Automotive technologies Technology stubs. Softing played an active role in standardization from the very beginning, contributing its extensive communication expertise. The increasing complexity of vehicle systems over the time mandated the need for diagnostics standards to efficiently track their scope and relevance.

KWP vs UDS Protocol: An Analysis and Comparison | Embitel

Protocols for programming interfaces. Over the time, UDS protocol owing to its robustness and a broader service spectrum is expected to be the future of automobile diagnostics. ISO and SAE Society of Automotive Engineers introduced various diagnostic protocols and standards, designed to cater to the different types of automotive ECU systems and diagnostics specifications from the vehicle manufacturers. Earlier, there were flash codes wherein technicians had to look for flashes and convert them to codes or sometimes the technician had to physically remove vehicle components, disconnect wires for fault detection.


Protocol Dependency KWP functionalities for measurement value transfer and error memory management were improved for UDS standards.

But, there is a key difference between the two protocols in the way these measurement values are exchanged between the tester and ECU: Thus, UDS as a diagnostic protocol paves way for added services and functionalities. By proceeding without changing your settings, you agree with us. This is useful in the modern automotive industry where the complexity of design and number of components in the vehicle are increasing.

The data rate is between 1. The natures of request and response messages and data transfer interval between them form an important factor in vehicle diagnostics.

KWP 2000 and UDS Protocols for Vehicle Diagnostics: An Analysis and Comparison

The Car Hacker’s Handbook: When implemented on a K-line physical layer KWP requires special wakeup sequences: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Imprint Privacy Policy Company Details.

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