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For all its internationalist appeal, the Spanish Civil War is almost always read through a national lens. This is true in particular for its literary versions. The dogged persistence of canonical domestic texts like these is remarkable—and to be honest, a bit aggravating—not only because they were written so long ago, during or immediately after the war, but because they provide at best a very partial, if not an outright skewed, version of what happened in Spain.

Fundación Max Aub – La gabardina 02 | JORGE LAFFARGA | Flickr

More importantly, their steadfast predominance has tended to eclipse more interesting or accurate literary accounts, especially those written originally in other languages. A comprehensive catalog of Spanish Civil War novels written in Castilian, Catalan, Galician, and Basque would literally run into thousands of titles.

Senderhowever, very gahardina of these texts and authors have been made available in translation. Aub was a novelist and playwright of remarkable originality who spent his live chronicling the conflict that had torn his country apart and catapulted him into exile.

Aub had become a Socialist in the mad s, was actively involved in cultural and political work for the Republic, and continued to serve the government once the war had broken out. None of his Civil War work found its way into English. Yet there is hope: Field of Honour is a self-contained coming-of-age narrative that covers the final moments of gabarduna Primo de Rivera dictatorship and the five years of the Second Republic, which was proclaimed in April The book ends with thirty breathless pages covering the heady and chaotic first day of the war in Barcelona.


Max Aub – Wikipedia

Initially his political position is determined by the people he hangs out with: Later on he becomes enchanted with fascism. Once the war breaks out, however, Rafael is shocked into his senses and suddenly sees things for what they are: What matters is not he, as an individual, but gabardiha fraternity that binds the people together. Aub wrote this novel induring the first precarious months of exile, holed up in a Paris attic room, separated from his wife and daughters.

He would soon be arrested on false charges from an anti-Semitic and anti-Communist snitch. The text retains some of the urgency and claustrophobia of the moment.

Max Aub’s Civil War in English

In the s, when he began publishing, he did so as a Spanish writer. Gabardin Paris ofon the eve of the Nazi occupation, certainly did not feel like home: Foreigners, immigrants, Jews, radicals, and thousands of Spanish Republican refugees had been rounded up and interned in camps well before the Germans took over.

For him, this meant a commitment to realism: This means, among other things, that the novel is not precisely an easy read. The dialogue comes gabarina with the same force as in the original. Y quiero el poder para el pueblo.


Fundación Max Aub – La gabardina 02

T, hombre, la C. And I want power for the people. What kind of damn-fool question is that? In fact Martin translated it more than a decade ago, and Verso announced its publication foronly to call it off at the last minute.

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