La Radiestesia by Michel Moine, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Libros de Segunda Mano – Parapsicología y Esoterismo – Otros: La radiestesia. michel moine. Compra, venta y subastas de Otros en todocoleccion. Libros de Segunda Mano – Ciencias, Manuales y Oficios – Física, Química y Matemáticas: La radiestesia – michel moine. Compra, venta y subastas de Física, .

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Michel Moine

For centuries people have been on a quest in search for the Holy Grail. Is the Standing Stone in the form of a hand with the index finger pointing up on the cover of this book left as a clue by the Ancients?

Maybe the Holy Grail is the very secret of the special energies of radlestesia Megalithic Monuments built as such to benefit all life for eternity. In “Signpost to the Holy Grail? Infinite Energy with Infinite Possibilities! She commences with radiesteaia largest Standing Stone in Brittany, the Champ Dolent Menhir, and gradually builds up her confidence to finally take on the challenge of finding an explanation for the famous Alignments of Standing Stones of Carnac.

She also finds a firm and logical explanation for the location and the existence of these most beautiful structures built and left for us by our ancestors to years ago, and her measurements indicate that most of them are still fully functioning.

She elaborates profoundly radisetesia the special energies produced by certain types of Megaliths which will definitely blow you away and wanting to visit and feel them for yourself. These special energies raduestesia primal energies which could be a source radiesttesia limitless energy if harnessed, something Nikola Tesla seemed to already been capable of.

Infinite energy with infinite possibilities. A solution to all challenges we are currently facing? Is this the Holy Grail? Link to Rariestesia US: More information on the website: Nobody really knows what the Holy Grail is and whether it is an object or something immaterial. Very special “mystical” hike up Carrowkeel megalithic complex near Sligo on this Winter Solstice.


More information and how to purchase on the website: Both are therefore complementary. One of the video of my radiwstesia Dowsing with the Lecher antenna geobiology course. This is an extremely good exercise as it gives very strong signals. Holy Well Sligo Ireland.

The e-learning courses are a simplified version of the Practical Guide which contains further detailed information. Dear Ladies and gentlemen who like my Page. As a scientist and well versed in Clinical Chemistry I am somewhat reluctant to do so, although I am convinced that a well-balanced energetic body stands a better chance of overcoming their cancer.

A person has one life and one life only and I do not consider people to be molne rats.

Argentina: Buenos Aires

I even have a problem with doing research on animals too. When I was researching moinee Lecher antenna on the internet in several languages I came across a court case in the Netherlands which is a country that is very open to alternative therapies. Although the energetician explicitly told the person that they should continue their normal regular treatment for the cancer, the person did not do so and died. The family of the person took the energetician to Court. The Court case was won by the family and the Lecher antenna energetician was ruled with manslaughter and had to do prison time, several years if I remember correctly.

The family had to be indemnified as well. My advice to you all would be to be very cautious and try to get the person you are doing the balancing for to sign and agree to a disclaimer.

The Lecher antenna is a very efficient scientific instrument to have and most effective in preventing disease by helping the body to heal itself. It is certainly very much worth raddiestesia and it has helped me and others many many times.

A bio-energy case I would like to share which was mojne effective with the basic balancing protocol in my Practical Guide and my e-learning course which only took 20 minutes. Complete energy reading of the person shows following results which are aberrant: I have been very lucky recently to meet a older French speaking very gentle man who used to give two year Lecher antenna training courses who provided me with Lecher antenna settings for meridians which are not known in any protocol!


Two of these settings came up during this person’s balancing and this was enough to open the lymphatics, the bridge to the energy reserves and to reactivate the capacity to eliminate light toxins.

The person confirms that the fatigue feels much less as good as immediately after working on the Small Intestine Meridian. The acupoint responsible is Small Intestine An acupoint which does not seem to be addressed in any known protocol either!

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Person’s vibration after the balancing is Bovis units. See my previous post on a balance I did for myself.

I do seem to get these flu like symptoms every now and then I can correct very easily with my antenna. Just wondering whether ardiestesia have anything to do with these vibrational shifts as mentioned in this article.

A post radiestewia the Frenchspeaking ladies and gentlemen who like my Page about a French Facebook page I set up especially for those who do not understand English very well. Bonjour aux dames et messieurs qui aiment ma page et qui sont francophone.

I satish Gupte from Indian wants to purchase book on lecher antenna. Is the Standing Stone in the form of a hand with the index finger pointing up on the cover of this book left as a clue by the Anc Looking back on This is something I was happy and proud to do. Sunset at stonecircle in Sligo Ireland today. Video Exercise on bridge with Lecher antenna. This is one of the videos of the e-learning course Dowsing with the Moime antenna geobiology. Link to more free videos, detailed information and course at Many do not understand why this is occurring, and some go to their doctor to find that there is