1 Digitized by Google Original from UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN 2 PROPAGANDA TECHNIQUE IN WORLD WAR who wrote in French on certain aspects of. Propaganda Technique in World War I deals primarily with problems of of a comprehensive theory of propaganda adds another dimension to Lasswell’s study. , , English, Book edition: Propaganda technique in the World War / by Harold D. Lasswell. With a new introd. for the Garland ed. by Harold D. Lasswell.

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The role of opinion in international politics is peculiarly ‘ worthy of study, because it is a matter of growing importance. But, however the world pretends to divide itself, there are only two divisions in the world to-day — human beings and Germans.

Propaganda Technique in the World War

She violated the neutrality of Belgium in the face techniqus a solemn promise to protect it. D6martial, Comment on mobilisa les consciences. Peace has come to be regarded as the normal state of society, and not war. For the Bol- sheviki revealed for the first time to the world that the Allied governments had carved up large blocks of the world and raffled them off to one another. During a time when dar American aviation programme was an object of uneasy attention, certain aeroplane photographs were released by propagandq Com- mittee on Public Information with sub-titles of this nature: Yet another question of propaganda organization is the problem of co-ordinating the efforts of central and local branches of the service.

A young woman, ravished by the enemy, yields secret satisfaction to a host of vicarious ravishers on the other side of the border.


The propagandist, indeed, can always count upon the state of mind which is here so gracefully expressed. Whitehouse, proopaganda instance, was sent to Switzerland by the Committee on Public Information.

Meanwhile, the well-known American journalist, McClure, returned from a tour of investigation in Germany, where he had been supported in every way by the German Government Departments.

porpaganda Moysset, with the expectation that they would co-operate in Paris, but jealousy of Moysset is said to have prevented the full development of the work. In another case there was good prima facie evidence for suspecting that the Naval authorities had used the Committee to mislead the public.

He scans the horizon for new material as the War evolves, as did the Germans when they scrutinized the cap- tured Belgium archives for material, which might incriminate the Entente, and broadcasted everything which seemed to do so. The Germans were heaping up a vast literature of self-exaltation about the theme, Kultur.

The civilian mind is standard ized by news and not by drills.

According to this account, a tub full of eyes was discovered at a certain point, where captives were being tortured for the amusement of Turkish generals. Civilian unity is not achieved by the regimentation of ; muscles. Strict neutrality was the wsr course for England to adopt. Otherwise, indeed, suspicion and distrust may exist where complete confidence and under- standing are indispensable. After an attack in the Press upon certain ministerial colleagues: Under these circumstances there was no time to consult the Allies as to the terms of the statement agreed upon by the Prime Minister and the above-mentioned persons.

Official propaganda often takes the form of encouraging patriotic societies with branches abroad.

Propaganda Technique In The World War

The police are boorish and haughty. Since the War Germany has been shorn of military strength, and must, therefore, rely upon subtler means of protecting and advancing its interests than armed coercion.


That is a contingency which no Englishman can look upon with indifference. It should have little trouble, however, in explaining to the satisfaction of its own people, at least, that it is fighting for a more elevated conception of public right than its enemies. When the war has receded further into the past, it will be possible to write at least a fragmentary history of worldd international propaganda of the time.

The more of these sub-groups he can fire for the War, the more powerful will be the united devotion of the people to the cause of the country, and to the humiliation of the enemy. It is more modest in that it has chosen but a few of the facts which will be included in a compre- hensive history.

Propaganda Technique in the World War | work by Lasswell |

Bemstorff tells the story thus: In order to illustrate the unity of the Empire, a number of profusely illustrated volumes were put out, showing the history of British beneficence and the degree of Empire co-operation at the front. Should there be a next general war, war aims of an idealistic character will probably be just as important as 1 The Union of Democratic Control was organized in England by E.

But it was civilians whose opinions were ulti- mately deciding.