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Hello and welcome to Stellar Life! Today we are going to talk about sex. My awesome guest is Lawrence Lanoff, he is an award winning sex educator, who teaches the art of radical self acceptance around the world. lawrsnce

He leads people into new paradigms of expended freedom and pleasure, while deprogramming them from the limitations of cultural repression and suppression. The bestselling author of A Course in FreedomLawrence has helped thousands of people embrace radical self acceptance in their daily lives. Lawrence is also a recipient of the United Nations Global Award, for his work on the documentary We Can Make a Difference, which focused on young people helping the environment.

Good to have you! I know that this is going to be an eye opener for a lot of us, including me. But, before we start, please tell me a little bit about yourself. How did you become a sex educator? Growing up in that city where you lanocf just everything, I mean that city is this kind of pulsation of sexuality.

I just realized that if I was actually going to help pawrence in a tangible way, I needed to start teaching about sex. You are not going to arrive at true happiness unless you have movement and spaciousness in your sexuality and your sexual expression.

I started meditating when I was I was asking a lot of questions, and so my mom and I actually lead a meditation group on a weekly basis, and we would lqnoff focus on a different aspect of meditation every time. When I was 12, I had the good fortune of meeting a crazy tantra master from South America, and tantra is the study of sexual energy. He, catching me at age this was before puberty, before understanding what sex and orgasms, and those kinds of things were-I was cultivating this very, very powerful energy.

By the time I was actually having sex, I really alwrence a mastery of my sexual energy. I was already on this kind of rare playing field, almost immedately. And I agree with you, I lived in New York for a decade.

There is something about the juiciness and creativity, there is this sexual, sensual energy through the whole city. I feel that people in New York are a little more open to sexuality, to sensuality, and everything else-business. How does having a great sex life affect your creativity, or affect your success in business?

Sex energy is a tangible thing, sex is something that we experience every day. It can buy you stuff, it can buy you experiences, but sex and sex energy-this is free. That is what we are as humans. That is what we are-sex is life, and life is sex. We can become aware of our experience, and become aware of our own bodies and our own experience, and we can tap into that life force energy. This is really the issue, this is why I do the kind-this is why I lawrencee on this subject.


That is the power of what we are talking about.

Lawrence Lanoff

What can you tell them? There is a huge difference. You can have it, literally, right now. Even somebody who, maybe even being very, very disabled, can still experience sexual energy in their body. I remember one time, I was teaching a class, I had one man who was T4, so he did not have use of any of this limbs, and basically felt nothing from the neck down. He came into one of my classes, and had a full body orgasm. We can have that, we can learn to cultivate that.

We can have physical experiences right now, but we are taught to be afraid of it. Your desires are wrong. All that good stuff! I know already, and I basically just said to not tell me anymore, I am going to tell you. I basically just laid out a few scenarios, and she looked at me as if I was psychic. Well, in a way, in a way. I also recognize very much what it is like to have a female body in a culture that is very afraid of female sexuality specifically, and is afraid of sexual energy in general.

Can that be, sometimes, in your way, or overwhelming, or too much for you? How do you set boundaries? I set boundaries very simply. If there are any healers listening to this podcast, this is my boundary.

If you are writing a check, I will give you my full super powers. I want your help!

This is where I am feeling stuck and this is what I am afraid of. There is no way. You have to be at a certain maturity level to engage in this kind of, look at the world. You have to have more of an adult framework. That can be intimidating for some people, for sure. They are either like, I want to have that, or this is too much. And, this is a really important distinction, Orion, I do that for me.

There comes a point where you draw a line, and you say enough is enough. But, will some people be scared and intimidated? I am going to talk about female-bodied humans for a second. As a female-bodied human, you have these shapes, right? A lot of the female programming out there, I can summarize as take this penny, put it between your legs, and hold it there as tight as you can for the rest of your life.

Only let go of that penny for your husband, and only let go of that penny for your husband on your back, in missionary style. This is how, honestly, you cannot image how many people live with this kind of construct.

This is why I say that everybody has sexual shame. That is not a human construct. The second you want to do anything outside of that, the church, the spiritual practice oftentimes, the religious leader will say shame on you. Shame on you for wanting that.

Yeah, and that happens, sadly, that happens to turn against women because in essence, woman is the call to life. I mean, humans are the call to life, but specially, that female form is like whoa! If we really broke it down, you would see probably even higher, because there are a lot of things that people get away with in the name of spirituality and religion that are very, very abusive, sexually abusive, because they are spiritual leaders, they hide behind that mask and nobody questions them.


What can one do to heal that trauma, and to connect better to their sensual essence and freedom? What is the journey like? I remember a very close friend of mine who was like super into boots, right? This was a trauma his whole life, because he was like, I can only actually ejaculate when there is a boot involved, or a shoe lawrennce some kind.

You told me before we started the interview that this is the most common question that you get-are my desires okay? Am I okay, and I normal? But, the issue is, we say normal, and most people, when they say normal, what they are really saying is moral. Culturally, it just comes within the confines of the culture.

The more sexually repressed the culture is, the more pretty much everything but this one flavor is abnormal.

Lawrence Lanoff – Orion’s Method

Honestly, the more conservative religion somebody comes from, the more stuff is just not acceptable and the more sexual shame and repression that there is.

What type of cultural repression did you come across? What is your most interesting or unique cases, and what was the shift there? The worst I think, the most despicable, is the repression, suppression, and abuse, from people who claim they are doing the opposite. And crazy making, that is really the big thing. Unfortunately, I see that everywhere. That is where I have seen people go mad, and sadly, I find female-bodied humans have to deal with this far more than men or male-bodied humans.

Male-bodied humans, their abuse is equally destructive, but just in a whole different area. That drives me insane, and I see it everywhere. It can be a motivation speaker, a mentor, or all of the above. How do you be your fully expressed self?

The first thing is, this is kind of what lawdence said to laoff, you were like look, you lawrenec this energy. The way that women are controlled, and there are five thousand different ways that women are controlled, and female sexuality is controlled. The first thing is I think, number one, is just think dirty. If you understand that, then you can avoid taking it personally. The first thing that you have to do is realize that I am a zebra. Once you realize that you are a zebra, you just own that.

You can be a lioness, of course. The lioness cannot be the chimpanzee.