In simple terms Fanakalo means ‘like this’. Fanakalo originated in the sugar industry of KwaZulu Natal as a result of Indians trying to learn English and Zulu at . Fanagalo was established as a lingua franca between between speakers of various It is easy to learn this language, yet it is important to note that it is not a . digital content library media solutions and live learning training tools. GROH™ Live Learning . the Future Series. We All Win: Fanagalo™ Training Program. 1.

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Firstly i have to say: The name Fanagalo means something like “do it like this”. Which part of SA are you in?

Fanaglo a Reply Want to join the discussion? F or at least the past century, miners in South Africa have spoken a unique language all their own, called Fanagalo.

I mean, it inculcates a different culture in the mines. Joined Dec 16, Messages 24, Fanagalo is a pidgin, not really a full-fledged language, that was based on Zulu and was easy for everyone to learn. However, the leagn barriers that existed before are not nearly as much of a problem now, and the next generation of miners feels that Fanagalo has outlived its usefulness.


Numbers in Fanagalo

So when that rock starts to fall Y Reply. Sl8er Executive Member Jul 9, Although it was a language of commands, it was also a sign of respect from white people in the time of apartheid. That would influence whoch African launguage you lean learn.

Joined Oct 17, Messages 4, Don’t learn fanagalo it’s an insult to the proper language. Big Giveaway – Win prizes worth R3, Numeral Cardinal numbers 1 wan 2 tu 3 tri 4 fo 5 fayif 6 sikis 7 seven 8 eyit 9 nayin 10 ten fanaglao leven 12 twelf 13 tetin 14 fotin 15 fiftin 16 sikistin 17 seventin 18 eyetin 19 nayintin ,earn twenti 21 twenti-wan 22 twenti-tu 23 twenti-tri 24 twenti-fo 25 twenti-fayif 26 twenti-sikis 27 twenti-seven 28 twenti-eyit 29 twenti-nayin 30 teti 40 foti 50 fifti 60 sikisti 70 seventi 80 eyeti 90 nayinti handred handred-n-fayif tu handred tri handred fo handred fayif handred sikis handred seven handred eyit handred nayn handred 1, tausand 2, tu tausand 3, tri tausand 4, fo tausand 5, fayif tausand 6, sikis tausand 7, seven tausand 8, eyit tausand 9, nayin fanagall 10, ten tausand 1, milyoni.

By comparison, their success rate in schools is far better than SA. Joined Sep elarn, Messages 6, It is used as a lingua franca between people who come from various countries and have no other common language. So it really depends where you are.


Fanagalo: A sub-cultural language survival story by Natasha Ravyse on Prezi

I said the sparrow Because of the bow and arrow of mine, I killed Cocky Lobin. I stand corrected though. Forums New posts Search forums. Feel free to contribute! I’m finding it difficult to get literature on the internet or any basic language books.

Zulu is only really useful in KZN. JungleBoy Expert Member Jul 9, If you like this site and find it useful, you can support it fanabalo making a donationor by contributing in other ways. SA invests alot of money into education, yet there is no fruits to show. Afrikaans is useless in the Eastern Cape. Apple speak fanagalo, you just add “i” to the beginning of every word. Joined Apr 18, Messages 4, Information about Fanagalo Numbers.

Joined Mar 24, Messages 4, Most of the white people working with me can speak a black language to some degree or at least understand it. What’s new New posts New profile posts Latest activity. It has about 2, words.