LEGO set database: Building Crane. Set number: ; Name: Building Crane; Set type: Normal; Theme group: Modern day; Theme: City. Find great deals for LEGO City Building Crane (#). Shop with confidence on eBay!. Find great deals for LEGO City Building Crane (). Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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The set is a real beauty and was lots of fun to build. But check for yourself. As with the Heavy Loader review I’ve split it in two. The box again is the same crappy “design” as all new bigger boxes. That means you have to tear it on the sides to open it. It does have a flip top but that’s for a diorama of the set. The back side again shows almost all the sets of the same theme, in this case “Construction”.

And I must say, this sub-theme really has evolved nicely. On the left half of back side you also see the bags for the different modules and what pieces they hold. This is not entirely accurate, though. Some bags are numbered and hold pieces for the respective modules, but there are also unnumbered bags that hold pieces that are needed almost anywhere during building. It’s not a problem since there are very distinguishable pieces in that set.

Wow, great review and pics! I agree the man holding the toilet paper does look very silly although it looks like there is nowhere to put it inside the stall.

Hobbes i have to say that this is one of the very best reviews that i have ever seen, your words are perfect combined with those fantastic pictures Wow, I must say I am impressed with the port-a-pottie. I think this may be a first, a mini-fig scale toilet.

And it is quite well done Does it come with some brown 1 x 1 round plate pieces? I got it for It’s gotten a bit cheaper, even, there’s sets for Watch the shipping costs, though, they can be pretty high.

There is quite a lot there I would like to get my hands on ;-!

LEGO Building Crane Set | Brick Owl – LEGO Marketplace

And great review by the way! Thanks for the excellent review, Hobbes. I really like the look of this set, and I’m tempted to get it. But I probably won’t, since I want to save my money for other things.


I really want it! I can’t wait to see it in a toy shop, so I will buy it on sah when I will have my salary from GTM a french construction company! Anyway, can it lift train coaches.

Try a coach if you have it. I was interested in transporting coaches with the heavy loader and the transfering using this crane. I don’t have that particular coach, but as you can see in the second picture of my layout it can lift the Rescue Chopper which has considerable weight.

Unless you try elgo quite heavy Santa Fe cars I don’t think it’ll have any problems lifting train coaches.

“lego 7905” in Classifieds in Ontario

Maybe a second counterweight might help. I bought this set myself today, and I must say that I agree with just about everything in the review above. Sitting at same height as my elbows at my desk, I actually find myself looking up to the control cabin. It’s a surprisingly huge set for its cost. Not something I would buy, but man, does it look impressive. The toilet has to be one of the best things Lego designed lately! Posibly one of the best i’ve seen on these forums! I bought this set on bricklink last week and built it a couple days ago.

As far as the wieght limit, i’ve found that its not a factor of the crane tipping over, but that the hook pops off. I haven’t found a fix, other than switching it leto with a techinc hook the same that comes with mobile crane but i’m working on it. The best i’ve lifted has been the heavy loader bridge with the toilet on it. I’m going to add more counter weights, and a better hook and atempt to lift the dual pontoon race boat sorry can’t remeber pego number.

I know that might be stretching it a bit, but thats the heaviest i got the XXL mobile crane to lift without tipping over, so i want to see if i can match it just for fun.

Qoo10 – [LEGO] – Lego City Set # Building Crane : Toys

Other than that i have no complanits with this set! Thank you for taking the time to share the images. The detail is outstanding. After the last few construction sets, I was really disappointed. This set seems to make up for it. I may look in to buying this once available in the US.


While building the port-a-potty something struck me as odd: X-O OMG, your right! I didn’t notice that in your pic that has a false hyperlink before, that’s really silly of LEGO, and I thought the instuction booklet cover was hilarious before, now it looks insane!

You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. Already have an account? Posted June 2, Well, here it is! Sorry for the delay but it took some time taking the pictures and sorting them. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Also, how much does this sell for? Tks sooooo much for this great review Hobbes Posted June 3, There’s some MOCing possibility.

Can you take a pic of it next to the new Slave 1 or the Sail Barge? Posted June 4, Posted June 6, I’m not taking this one apart, that’s for sure. Posted June 7, Posted June 8, Posted June 9, Posted June 10, Thanks for the review Looks Great after looking leg your brickshelf photos Plenty of yellow skeletal structural bricks a operators controlroom that could easily convert to a pilots seat readymade foremans module and toilet that could lrgo become sealed habitat modules on a spaceship.

Posted June 19, I received two more cranes last Friday I bought off ebay.

Posted June 20, I didn’t notice that in your pic that has a false hyperlink before. Posted June 29, It is so wonderfull, my best set of this year!

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