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Other feminine forms i -a: Se chover, vou ficar em casa. To link a dependent object pronoun to a verb form when the pronoun is placed after theverb see 7.

lei atualizada em pdf printer – PDF Files

Dont go breaking that glass now! The indefinite article 4.

My dad has to go to New York and my mums going along. Voc est me chamando de mentiroso? Do you like my newglasses? Agreement of compound adjectivesIn compound adjectives consisting of two adjectives linked by a hyphen, only the secondtakes the feminine form, e. This kind of stylistic device is mainlyconfined to the written language, especially journalistic style: A cobra mordeu o cachorro.


Foi aquele sufoco para achar uma vaga.

The categories are so called because nearly all nouns denoting male beings aremasculine, and nearly all nouns denoting female beings are feminine. The dog looked at me as if to say: Its better to take Frei Caneca street.

Who are you going to invite? It can beused on its own with the verb vir to come or in the combination para c with vir andother verbs of movement: When this extra [i] sound is inserted after d or t, it causes afualizada The murder of the boy was a barbaric act.

Modern Brazilian Portuguese Grammar: A Practical Guide (Modern Grammars)

She lives in Sorocaba. Those papers are mine. In such general statements, the singular noun is used without a definite article even whenit is the subject or direct object of the sentence: Everyone wants to find happiness. He promised himself that he would not smoke again.

Modern Brazilian Portuguese Grammar: A Practical Guide (Modern Grammars) – [PDF Document]

The indefinite article occurs in Portuguese in the following cases where it is not used inEnglish: O que disse o mdico? The form quanto is used invariably as an adverb meaning how much: In the written language, a singular subject accompanied by the definite article is oftenpreferred in general statements where English would use the plural without an article: Put your hand on your head.


How faithful is the translation to the original?

O hotel tem piscina. She put her cigarette out, crushing it with the heel of her shoe. No tenho a mnima ideia.

lei 11416 atualizada em pdf printer

The feminine singular form essa is used pronominally in a number of colloquial expressions,some of which are: Quem so aqueles homens ali? Voc no pode ficar nessa de sair toda noite. With first person pronouns the options are italicsindicate spoken emphasis: O que ele disse? Nouns and adjectives with a atulaizada feminine form in the singular see 2. I never eat apples.

The most common of these are: Carlos brought me in his car. Note also the expressions o difcil. Os monges raspam a cabea.

Ele deu um beijo nela. Who was she talking to? Segui as instrues risca. They were dancing like crazy.

The ring cost a lot. Ele chega amanh ou depois de amanh.