Visitor Management enables you to manage and track visitors within your organization. Visitor Management allows employees to log into the visitor. Lenel® OnGuard® Visitor Management Administration User Guide . web application allows users to log into the visitor management system from any. Lenel® OnGuard® Visitor Management Front Desk User Guide .. Visitor Management is for managing and tracking visitors within your organization.

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If you would like to issue re-usable, durable visitor badges, such as those for use with access control systems, you can print and program access cards using any compatible PVC card printer. For the best experience and to ensure full functionality of this site, please enable JavaScript in your browser.

For GSA ordering assistance, call Be the first to Write a Review. Idle Managemeht – Station is in a conversation with another station InQueue – Station has initiated a call request and is in a call queue AnalyticsEvent – An audio analytics event glass break, car alarm, aggression, gunshot has been detected LineError – A line error to the station has been detected OffLine – The station is off line; The state is shown when there is no data communication at all between OnGuard and AlphaCom, all station icons will lebel the OffLine state Note that to be able to show the AnalyticsEvent additional software and licenses must be purchased from Zenitel.

All these functions can then also be used by the OnGuard Linkage Server to trigger actions in all by OnGuard controlled systems.


Lenel | Genetec

In this blog post, we will share what exactly separates our visitor management solutions apart from the industry competition. Cards can be printed using any compatible PVC card printer.

In addition, our visitor management team provides terrific kiosks for self-managed entry via Android, iOS, or Microsoft. Queuing station Call Established – parameters: Access Home Readers System Options.

OnGuard Visitor Self Service (VSS)

In general it is possible for OnGuard to trigger any feature which AphaCom supports over features are available as standardwhile AlphaCom can send information to OnGuard on any event inside the AlphaCom.

For more information, visit www.

Our Company About Barcodes, Inc. HID EasyLobby enhances security and professionalism with better control. SV3 was recognized for its cloud software application that easily integrates with local access control, handheld devices, license plate readers, and more. When our visitor management solutions come together, you take the step of preventing potential terrorist acts, deterring potential criminals, and vetting all vendors prior to facility entry.

In the event of a watch list match, security can be notified discreetly and immediately.

Building Intelligence can help you stay ahead of things and be proactive with long-term security. Returns must be presented in new condition with all of the original packaging. Take a moment to think about how you enter your workplace each day. This technology turns smartphones into virtual access credentials said McKay. If required this functionality can also be assigned to a double click on the remote intercom icon.

OnGuard Visitor

Recommended Accessories for Model: Overview Detailed Specs Reviews Accessories The secure and professional approach to identify, manage and track visitors in your buildings. Buying manage,ent the Government? JavaScript is Disabled For the best experience and to ensure full functionality of this site, please enable JavaScript in your browser.


Complete ID Card Systems. Originating station and called station Intercom Function; followed by the defined intercom function. Lobby Track integrates with many turnstiles and access control systems and can add, enable and disable access control cards.

OnGuard Visitor Self Service (VSS) –

OnGuard offers advanced access control, alarm monitoring, digital video, intrusion detection, asset tracking, information security integration, credential production, and employee and visitor management functionality. Get the latest Interlogix news and product information delivered straight to your inbox.

As an enterprise level service, we ensure that every solution is customized to fit the needs of buildings, tenants, and security companies that service facilities. Note that to be able to show the AnalyticsEvent visotor software and licenses must be purchased from Zenitel.

Deepest Technical Expertise Our team has decades of experience in all applications. Make the easy choice and get started today with Building Intelligence.

Originating station and called station Call to a Private Subscriber – parameters: Lobby Track even offers the functionality of linking to an existing access control system.

In alarm monitoring the following messages are displayed related to intercom station manavement changes:.