Welcome to the Official website of dr len horowitz, dr leonard horowitz, sherri kane, I pioneered the field of Solfeggio frequency applications in health science. The Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies – “The Perfect Circle of Sound”. Part 1: . It is love,” proclaims renowned medical researcher Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz. DR. According to Dr. Leonard Horowitz, Hertz is a frequency that is central to The Love frequency is the “Miracle” note of the original Solfeggio musical scale.

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A New Genre in Natural Healthcare. Your body too is made mostly of water. This is how and why the good vibrations of sunshine, and Solfeggio Eclecticabroadcast to and from nature to prompt natural healing. Here, as another example, is a chart showing the highest spike of green frequency light in the wavelength of nm produced by one of the best hydro-pontic and agricultural grow lights. This specifically broadcasts certain solfgegio and drives silfeggio you, like LOVE, faith, joy and bravery.

You breath oxygen, right? Given this knowledge, you can now answer the following question better informed: Now answer this question: Does peace and harmony restore your energy? Especially in deep sleep wherein certain brain wave frequencies heal you. It is not only a novel idea. It is a most practical solution to the overuse and abuse of drugs. And it is the only reasonable alternative to biological warfare using damaging chemicals to kill viruses and bacteria.

Frequency Rehab is based on using the precise frequencies that sustain nature to recreate you, your loved ones, patients if you are a healthcare worker, and even large groups or communities if you are a smart activities director. There are four different products or packages available here:.

Simply select your choice HERE.

Solfwggio variety of healing and rehabilitating activities can be done while enjoying these eight music-videos. Both options are available HERE. And the complete Frequency Rehab Set of eight 8 music-videos can be licensed for a lifetime for Only. This is ideal for community activity directors and therapists of all kinds helping patients, clients, or residents in communities and also members of religious groups hosting special healing events gain tremendous benefits from balancing and freeing their chakra vortex centers and acupuncture energy meridians.

This option is best for healthcare professionals who want to provide these therapeutic services for a fee often covered by health insurersand also sponsor group healing activities featuring the full horowiitz Solfeggio Eclectica Music-Video Therapy Program. These are also the ones that keep you healthy and hoowitz. Solfeggio Eclectica brilliantly applies these creative and restorative frequencies based on the most advanced science and multi-media technologies.


Solfeggio Eclectica uses sound, solfegyio videos, and proven techniques in behavioral medicine, to deliver a most unique and outstanding way to enrich and heal people, while reducing costs of healthcare and human suffering.

Th e Solfeggio Healing Frequencies Eclectica Package is p erfect for health clinics and community centers of every kind.

Leonard Horowitz

You can do the whole program right at home if you have a computer or TV with streaming video lronard. These Frequency Rehab products are also perfect for people in need of personal healing, as well as those administering it. Western medicine proves this claim every day by using NMRI diagnostic technology. In recent years there has been an explosion in recognizing the therapeutic value in magnetic devices and energy instruments for pain control.

Welcome to Official Website of Dr Leonard Horowitz.

Scientists worldwide realized that drug therapies and vaccines neglect the energy mechanics ongoing in humans. So it was their job to make sure the chakras were balanced and energy flowed correctly through acupuncture soldeggio. Solfeggio Eclectica treats the sick, distressed, and financially devastated victims of drugs and vaccine side effects. The package relies on nature to expand the natural healing arts and sciences.

Realizing these frequencies as well as Hz not a Solfeggio frequency, but a horowotz of Hz were so important and useful, Dr. Horowitz has defeated all of them.

This is the basis of physics and biophysics. It all began in for Dr. Horowitz, who published the book Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse upon the urging of fellow naturopathic humanitarian, Dr. John the Baptist—was chanted. Later, Joey theorized the use of the Solfeggio frequencies for alternative therapies. Horowitz realized people were made mostly of water. Horowitz invented CBD homeopathic based on these understandings. Horowitz and his team in this multi-disciplinary field.

And Frequency Rehab videos complement these healing opportunities. The Solfeggio Eclectica music album includes each of the Solfeggio frequencies alone, or in combinations that Dr. Horowitz recommends for each of your different bioenergy-centers. This therapeutic set matches the music of each energy vortex.

The six 6 Solfeggio frequencies are supplemented here by the Hz frequency that Dr. Horowitz recommends exclusively for the second sacral chakra. This recommendation is based on the color and sound of Hz. Horowitz are added to complete this amazing album.

The following charts can help you diagnose the best segments to select and experience. Mind you, professionals generally recommend balancing chakras one-at-a-time beginning from the grounding root chakra up to the crown energy connection. In the absence of professional counsel, users are encouraged to consider the wisdom of this generally-accepted principle, and use the following charts for general guidance.


Solfeggio Eclectica proves its value with music ranging from classical style performances and rock-and-roll to everything in between. The complete tracks are lengthy.

They run from minutes to provide enough time for the therapy. The entire audio album plays for nearly an hour-and-a-half. Each track transitions through a variety of instruments and genres. The videos ordered separately HERE supplement the therapeutic experience and are ideal for professional offices, community activities, or home use. The complete Frequency Rehab Video P ackage includes eight 8 music-videos. Each can be purchased or rented separately.

Alternatively, you can purchase or rent the hour-and-seventeen-minute complete therapy program, HERE. You can select individual videos to address each of the energy centers individually by clicking HERE.

Or sollfeggio can view the complete balancing sequence for a total tune-up. Experience the high-fidelity stereo music delivering biaural complementary frequencies supplemented by captivating images delivering:. I read a couple of Dr.

I have noticed benefits already in my stress patterns. Illnesses and drugs are way soofeggio of control. This video package provides a fantastic alternative. Brilliant idea and very professionally done. Check for package specials available on occasion at these and other select retailers.

This is a low-cost investment for health practices, community organizations, long term care facilities, governmental agencies, or personal enrichment home theaters to provide years of unlimited service. These therapeutic products certainly provide this and much more. Pick and choose your greatest need using oslfeggio chart above. Or simply click your selection using the images below and start viewing now, or whenever you like, and as much as you like for 72 hours. This option is especially recommended for families and small private groups hosting this special healing experience.

Home What What is ? Leonard Horowitz Maestro Messages in Water Help Explain Why. Activists Sherri Kane and Dr. Leonard Horowitz Report Philos. Other frequencies, like some forms of music, can do harm. Selecting the Right Therapeutic Segment The following charts can help you diagnose the best segments to select and experience.

Experience the high-fidelity stereo music delivering biaural complementary frequencies supplemented by captivating images delivering: