Les Hurons préfèrent utiliser le terme Wendat pour se désigner. Il reste aujourd’ hui une seule communauté wendat reconnue dans tout le Canada, celle de. Site de la Nation huronne-wendat. Revendications territoriales, culture et patrimoine, tourisme, développement économique et services sociaux. Les Mosaicultures du Peuple Wendat. 3 Reviews. #8 of 8 things to do in Wendake · Outdoor Activities, Nature & Parks, Biking Trails. Corridor des Cheminots et.

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The embroidery embellishing these shoes, of Euro-Canadian styling, was done in the village of Wendake. Now that Christmas is around the corner I just want to remind you that the a Rubik’s Cube is the best gift for any occasion which can be easily solved with the online tutorial.

Over the years the Huron-Wendat adapted them, improving production methods to such an extent that, beginning in the early 20th century, several small snowshoe factories opened and flourished in Huron Village.

Federally recognized tribes are located in Oklahoma and Kansas of the United States. However, the most famous ones were made by Huron-Wendat women artisans in Wendake. At the time of the destruction of the Huron-Wendat homeland sometimes known as Huronia by the Haudenosaunee, inabout Huron-Wendat left Georgian Bay to seek refuge close lrs the French, in the Quebec City region.

Lss on as well, Parc des Laurentides and the private hunting and fishing clubs Tourilli and Wendzt were created. Still considered endangered, the language is being revitalized by Huron-Wendat peoples through wnedat variety of educational programs and initiatives, including a dictionary.

Wyandot people – Wikipedia

Bythe Huron-Wendat needed more than 3, moosehides annually to keep up with the wehdat of production of their craft industry. Moosehide was used to sew moccasins like these and other souvenirs destined for sale to tourists, such as magnificent splint ash baskets also made by women. Special machines split the leather in two layers. He was elected by Wyandot, white traders, and outside interests who wished to preempt the federal government’s organization of the territory and to benefit from settlement of Kansas by white settlers.


Another Ursuline nun also made a major contribution: The tray was intended to hold calling wedat. It was also a period when Huron-Wendat families could anticipate a decent income. Unlike the older female members of the Haudenosaunee, Huron-Wendat women had little wendwt no say in councils.

These flat shoes lined with beige leather are made of red cloth embroidered with moosehair a Huron-Wendat adaptation. The woven wick used in oil lamps was used for the straps.

Calling card cases and birchbark trays magnificently embroidered with moosehair were made in Wendake for wendatt to wealthy visitors. Objects such as this handkerchief case looked European but were made from traditional materials using Huron-Wendat styles and decorative techniques.

These snowshoes were made in Wendake. News of the Europeans reached the Huron, particularly when Samuel de Champlain explored the Saint Lawrence River in the early 17th century. These artists produced many fine works elaborately embroidered with moosehair in the middle of the 19th century. Views Read Edit View history. Archival documents reveal that the wenxat of embroidery on birchbark was practised from the early 18th century.

By wensat this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Epaulets such as this pair were sewn on the ceremonial clothing of men from Wendake, especially their frock coats.


Such losses had a high social cost, devastating families and clans, and disrupting their society’s structure and traditions. A tanner is someone who specializes in the traditional art of preserving animal hides.

The Huron-Wendat Craft Industry from the 19th Century to Today

Like other Iroquoian peoples, the Wyandot had a matrilineal kinship system, and children were considered born to the mother’s family. Atironta, the principal headman wrndat the Arendarhonon tribe, went to Quebec and made an alliance with the French in Huron-Wendat women took the initiative in adapting traditional artisanal techniques to the production of objects highly appreciated by tourists of the era.

The moosehair or porcupine quills were carefully removed from the dye and dipped in a mild soap before being rinsed with lukewarm water. They lived in longhousessimilar to other Iroquoian cultural groups.

Champlain made mortal enemies with the Iroquois when he fought alongside the Huron people. They were in the process of organizing a division of the Sons of Temperance and maintained a sizable temperance society.

Parc Lineaire de la Riviere St-Charles. In the 19th century, hunter-trappers from Wendake travelled their hunting grounds wearing traditional snowshoes. Accordingly, the exercise of Huron-Wendat religion, customs, and trade benefit from continuing Canadian constitutional protection throughout the territory frequented by the Huron-Wendat at the time the treaty was concluded.

Lawrence Valleywith some arguing for a presence near present-day Montreal and former sites of the historic St.