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Recent decades of fossil vertebrate studies in Argentina have produced a generation of researchers who expanded knowledge of the field and achieved renown for their findings in 25734 units Pascual, ; Tonni, It is thus desirable that the profession became more widely known to the public so that both public and private organizations will hire paleontologists.

The presence of paleontological projects in different funding sources is quite important within the area of knowledge in which paleontology is included usually Earth sciences. These collections include large repositories of lry types of fossils coming from all around the country. This law claimed that the archaeological and paleontological remains of scientific interest were the property of the federal government.

The number of incoming students, both national and international, continues leh be steady and the great majority of graduates have incorporated into the scientific system.

Country Summary for ARGENTINA

Pale- In a way, the development of paleontology in ontological research falls within the first leg Argentina goes hand in hand with the political and pline. No moveable objects or historical documents are allowed to leave the country without the involvement of the National Commission of Museums, Monuments, and Historic Places. Endere and Podgorny and Endere and Rolandi summarized the historical context and the political circumstances that led to the enactment of this bill.

For further details on recent history, see Riccardiwho key a group-by-group revision of local research during the last century, including contributions in micropaleontology and ichnology. It also regulated the the provinces were now responsible for its care.

Their main goal is to join forces in pey to stop illegal trafficking and to promote the implementation of national legislation and international agreements on the matter Endere and Rolandi, Expenditure on scientific and technological activities in the period expressed in millions of Argentinian Pesos.

All the institutions that form the committee cooperate with each other in disseminating information and raising awareness to the community on the matter of heritage, and also organizing courses, workshops and talks to help train the non-specialists working with the enforcement authorities.

It is entitled to authorize loans and transportation of fossils out of the country and promote the return of Argentinian fossils currently outside the country APA, a. Even when basic evolutionary con- tion is given to disciplines not related to large verte- cepts are included in middle school curricula, it brates. We would lej to clearly state that the opinions and points of view expressed in this work are ours, and do not necessarily reflect those of our colleagues.


Particularly, the Paleovertebrates col- maintained and curated in foreign institutions. The roles of the provincial governments and the government of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires are: Los Gliptodontes son argentinos.

Examples include administration and management of national parks with important paleontological content, curation of collections in museums throughout the country, paleotourism, and public outreach.

In the yearit was included in the the religious diversity in Argentina is low, with indexing system of the Institute of Scientific Infor- Catholicism as the dominant religion. Most ongoing projects are located in Patagonia or central-western Argentina. Our Readers Write to Us Editorial: Logo of the Paleontology tacted directly by these potential employers.

225743 researchers also hold teaching posi- tions within universities. Fortunately, many Argentinian fossils are well maintained and curated in foreign institutions. The Argentinian Natural Sci- others. The cal heritage was not translated into action and provincial governments and 25734 government of the therefore the law was never really implemented Autonomous City of Buenos Aires have 2574 right of Endere and Podgorny, ; Endere and Rolandi, ownership and the duty of protection within their Even when basic evolutionary concepts are included in middle school curricula, it might take time for their correct implementation.

In most cases, less attention is given to disciplines not related to large vertebrates. Leey enforcement body was never created and, over the 90 years during which this law was in force, the illegal collecting and commercialization of Argentinian fossils and archaeological pieces did not stop nor decline Endere and Rolandi, It was the first Argentinian museum to exhibit reconstructions of complete dinosaur skeletons, including a replica of the sauropod Diplodocus carnegii Hatcher, donated by the American tycoon Andrew Carnegie to various museums around the world Figure 6.

For example, of the research projects financed by the University of Buenos Aires Universidad de Buenos Aires ; UBA within the engineering and environmental sciences 2543 which includes paleontology in the last few years, 6. There is no formal Ph. In all cases, their restitution to their place of origin must be guaranteed. Only the National Univer- flow of students. Foreign researchers wishing to carry out paleontological fieldworks in Argentinian territory must take the same steps 257443 include an official written proof of their association with an Argentinian public university or scientific institution.


Two years later, a new Executive Committee was elected in assembly, and since then, a new one is chosen every two years. The magnitude of CPI varia- to obtain.

These personnel work under the supervision of a researcher or research group. The aforementioned steps and requirements are intended as measures to prevent the illegal exploitation and trafficking of paleontological and archaeological sites and remains, respectively. The subject has been natural history museums have a long tradition in discussed in other scientific meetings since then this field.

International Foundation for Art Research (IFAR)-Country Summary-ARGENTINA

The subject has been discussed in other scientific meetings since then e. The paleontology program in the UNRN offers an intermediate degree, a Diploma in Geosciences after the first two years of study, which are common to the geology degree and are thus more focused on general mathematics, chemistry, physics and geological subjects. And even though the law may appear as an opportunity to create new jobs for paleontologists, related for instance with the registries of collections and sites or the evaluation of permit requests, this seems unlikely, since the local competent agencies may only rarely engage professional paleontologists Beglieri and Massa, Some of the foreign scientific expeditions that collected Argentinian fossils took place prior to the first national legislation protecting the paleontological heritageothers when it was not enforced.

As in many Latin American countries, the religious diversity in Argentina is low, with Catholicism as the dominant religion. Paleontology both in the UBA and UNRN cover invertebrate and vertebrate Degrees paleontology, micropaleontology, paleobotany, Scientific careers in Argentina are usually paleoecology, taphonomy and biostratigraphy as structured in a five-year program, after which a well as geologic and biologic subjects; both graduate degree called licenciatura is obtained.

The progress made in recent years indicates that the discipline continues to grow in the country and has promising future prospects. Diego Gerencia de Evalu- guidelines. Nevertheless, general include some modern displays with a 257443 scien- paleontological topics are only included as informa- tific approach and ldy greater information quality, tive in discussions regarding geological time, geo- highlighting the most spectacular fossils.

This Ringuelet Damborenea, These difficulties have been increased resources i. Voyage of the Beagle, under the Command of Capt.