THE FUTURE OF MONEY Bernard A. Lietaer About the Author Bernard Lietaer had thirty years of professional experiences, which tend to mutually exclude each . The Future of Money is a book written by Bernard Lietaer, published by Random House in , and currently out of print. It was written as an overview of how. The Future of Money has ratings and 14 reviews. Joshua said: Fascinating! It is especially prescient given that it was published in (!) yet seem.

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He notes that climate change and the extinction of biodiversity threaten ‘sustainable abundance’ and that monetary instability prevents economies making the drastic changes needed to achieve it. One could even hope that, with such a high percentage of mature people, the incoming Knowledge Society might evolve into an era that deserves to be called a Wisdom Age.

Under such circumstances, a facade of regal pietaer, mystery, decorum, and monfy serves to ensure that a long and fragile chain of beliefs will hold.

The Future of Money

Greco is more concerned with the details of current and potential alternative currencies, devoting much of his book to descriptions of current examples and a selection of past ones, their strengths and weaknesses, and theoretical possibilities and recommendations for future systems, several of which are his own proposals. What gives national monies their special advantage over complementary currencies is the fact that only they are acceptable for payment of taxes and legally recognised for the settlement of debts.

What is remarkable is that even after identifying the key role of information systems in structural change listaer most important of our economic information ruture, our money system, has been ignored as a key leverage point for inducing the necessary and desirable changes. Throwing money on the ground in a public place gets as much attention as taking off our clothes.

The sole power to create or destroy national money should be in the hands of a credit-creation authority under democratic control and mandated to monitor society’s needs and to maintain the money supply at the level needed to allow trading, saving and investment without serious inflation. Why money is not a thing We should now dissipate a key illusion kietaer the magic about money: Letaer issue will be synthesized into a single, hard ‘money question’, a lietaet question to which some kind of response will occur – either by default or by design – within the next decade.


There are two main reasons why money appears so mysterious: In buying this book, for instance, or a magazine or permission to access a database, it may look as if a traditional exchange has occurred.

We just forgot that we an, the ones who designed it’ – Mark Kinney ‘The future is not some piece we are going to, but one we am creating The paths are not to be found but made, and the activity of making them changes both the maker and the destination. Similarly, the common agricultural laborer in 10th to 13th century mediaeval Europe spent less than half of his waking hours at work.

Only Lietaer, however, addresses the issue of international monetary exchanges. Tiernan O’Rourke rated it liked it Oct 31, Europe is experiencing its worst job crisis since the s; Japan its worst employment crunch ever.

James Canrille, who directed Bill Clinton’s campaign inremarked.

The Future of Money | Currency Solutions for a Wiser World

In ‘real’ world transactions, these conditions are rarely met. As Bernard Lietaer points out, the money system is not neutral. It’s not as if some conspiratorial group of Englishmen gathered in a dark, smoked-filled room to dream up the current money system.

Evolution biologist; author of A Walk Through Time: The Net makes transaction costs lower than ever. Although he admits to still searching for a patent lawyer willing to agree with him, Cleveland sees ‘the expression “intellectual property” as an oxymoron, a contradiction in terms’. Greco divides historical money systems into ‘commodity’, ‘symbolic’ and ‘credit’ money, but in declaring as an “essential fact” that “money has a beginning and an ending; it is created and it is extinguished” he exposes the limitation of his thesis.

Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. With such a fundamental commitment, it would be considered our birthright to have a fair chance to develop our true potential – unhampered by a lack of money. The nature of information, therefore, is that it tends to leak. The other two giant pistons – Futurd Instability on one side and the Information Revolution on the other are moving faster and more erratically, like ships – Titanics – and are also heading towards the same place and time.


Strangely, neither economics nor monetary theories consider the emotional nature of money. He has enjoyed the dignity of independent living for all these years, and his wisdom and life experience are respected by his family and neighbors. Lietxer information literally multiplies its power. However, as they have become increasingly redeemable in a variety of services besides airline tickets – such as long-distance phone calls, taxi services, hotels, even magazines – they have developed into a ‘corporate scrip’, a private currency issued by airlines.

The Celtic Cancerthe second Feasta Review. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Even the idea of YOU’ grandniece using complementary currencies as an exchange system during her trip is not new.

All of these systems will be explained in detail later. These concerns liegaer be not only compatible with financial self- interest, but driven by it. Imagine that two pistons are like icebergs an Age Wave and Global Climate Change and Species Extinction – both moving at a glacier-like pace, but with inexorable inertia, towards the same place and time.

Here is her budget for this endeavor. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. The global monetary crises of the s Mexico, Russia, Asia and Brazil proved that our money system is now sick, and that this affects everything. This is why I have adopted here a whole systems approach to money.