Londonistan: How Britain is Creating a Terror State Within is a best-selling the writer Theodore Dalrymple wrote “the British journalist Melanie Phillips. Londonistan has ratings and 62 reviews. Gary said: This is a critical book that everyone interested in the fate of the world we live in must read. In. “Up to 16, British Muslims either are actively engaged in or support terrorist activity,” Melanie Phillips writes in Londonistan, “while up to.

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But such was the reaction too, to the few who spoke out in Britain against appeasing Hitler in the s. England is like the dual state of Saudi Arabia in trying to assuage its Islamic fundamentalists.

UK is already a lost cause and will in time turn Islamic,it’ll beome an evil empire with a new flavor and this book said it a long long time ago!

Among her earlier books is All Must Have Prizes, a devastating critique of Britain’s education system. Immigration and jihad go together. Encounter once again delivers with a thoughtful, provocative book about a subject that impacts the country at large.

I hope it remains that way forever! The author will never get the honorable mentions she so much deserves, because those who ought to give them are melxnie ones tightening the ropes around our necks, selling us cheap to the enemy.

Prayers for the Assassin. Make no mistake, this book is not right-wing bombast against Islam and liberal politicians. Extremism of any description is a threat to mslanie and it’s Reading this left a very bad taste in my mouth. She is also the author of The Melaie Society: Hillary the Other Woman. David Smith, writing for The Observercompared Phillips to “a crazed boxer” who “comes out swinging wildly and some of her punches land.

See if you have enough points for this item. Despite what some reviewers would have you believe, nothing in “Londonistan” is racist The This book is a disquieting snapshot of contemporary Britain, and a wakeup call to anyone still deaf to the danger of growing Islamist influence, not to mention Western capitulation lobdonistan that influence.


Under the noses of British intelligence, a network of terrorists and their sympathizers had used Britain to plot, finance, recruit londonistqn train for atrocities in the United States and around the world. I understand that she needs to back up what’s she’s saying but there’s almost too much in the book that is likely to see many readers give up half way through.

Londonistan by Melanie Phillips

As the 7 July bombings showed, the threat of terrorism here is very real, ‘the deadly fusion of an aggressive londonishan and a society that lononistan lost its way’, but most of us remain in a state of denial.

I made that word up and I stand by it! This refusal to act goes back three decades, when a hub for terror throughout Europe and elsewhere melwnie allowed access to British soil – Londonistan. Phillips presents her case thoughtfully and judiciously. And, Phillips argues, they are having the wool pulled over their eyes by the Islamic architects of a plan that, ultimately, has the Islamicisation of the world as its end goal.

Any Indian or Hindu? First there is the real danger caused by extremisms of every stripes and it is a valid question to ask ourselves how much incitement to violence we should tolerate.

You can read lodonistan item using any of the following Kobo apps and devices: It may well me that in years to come Melanie Phillips will be considered one of the ‘prophets’ that sounded the alarm that very few seemed to listen to.

This is not a book; it is a pamphlet and should be sold as such. Phillip Preview See a Problem? So much on this subject is left in the realm of either the unsaid or the unspeakable. This nugget is from the Daily Express in October In her lexicon, human rights and multiculturalism are dirty words. The police even punish their own for uttering Islamophobic remarks. That is a society with traditional families and where the only church is a Christian church.



We appreciate your feedback. The MCB offered condolences to the family of mass murderer and chief Hamas terrroist Abdul Aziz al-Rantisi, after he was blotted out by the Israelis, and lauded Sheik Qaradawi who has said that suicide bombings in Israel and Iraq are a religious duty for Muslims.

After embracing literally the notorious bigot Sheikh Qaradawi, Livingstone dismissed an unprecedented coalition of British Hindus, Sikhs, Jews, gays, and lesbians who objected, claiming their protest was a Mossad conspiracy to defame Islam. Apr 28, Rachel rated it did not like it.


She fearlessly, but also without hatred or hostility, wades into these murky waters and tries to bring some londnoistan to one side of the subject. It helped me realize the conservative, post-Powell perception of multiculturalism in England. Would you like us to take another look at this review? Alarmingly, however, even under Cameron, Britain still continues to fan the radicalisation of its society. Fearless, straightforward, clear-minded, and right on target, she gives the names, quotes the public statements, lonsonistan does an powerful analysis of the general political situation worldwide and the implications in our daily lives.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The book was published in London by Encounter books. Cowards even published official maps showing these areas!

Melanie Phillips hates Islam and human rights that she pictures as equally dangerous for Western civilization. Yet even now, when they have struck and are trying to strike again inside the UK itself, the country, warns Phillips, is still in a state of deep denial.