Edinson Borda Villcas. Test de Percepcion Visual Frostig Manual. Uploaded by. MARIA Abs Cambios Uploaded by. Patricio Patri. Manual Autorizacion Btp. Manual Autorizacion Btp. Uploaded by. Patricio Patri · PROBMON1-Ser Omni 6- 25 Min (Problemas). Uploaded by. Patricio Patri · Test Psi Co Tec Nico. Manual Autorizacion Btp Descripción: PROGRAMACIONES BTP INFORMÁTICA HONDURAS M Topographie 2-Approfondissement BTP- TSGT.

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Denel Turret Lct30 Full description.

Solid state relays should be incorporated in the motor circuit to ensure fastest possible disconnection. In such a case, tool position number, and encoder feedback will not match. All these signals should stop the operation of the machine, and an indication should be available on the control panel regarding the nature of the fault.

Turret Demolition Scope 1Full description. Proximity switch adjustment and replacement fig. Manul holes in the tool disc should be of extra large size to allow for angular adjustment. Please follow step by step procedure given below: Your consent to our cookies if you continue to use this website. Fit the partial spindle assembly into the main body 45 with the help of bolts 2 and cyl. Fitment of Tool Disc on Turret Flange: Libra Turret Piping Construction Std fpso.

Motor contactor should be tripped without depending on PLC software. Bhp Lube oil, using drain plug Take out the encoder SITE To ensure the functioning of the site, we use cookies.


Operation of coolant system. The autorizavion valve positions should be blocked by plug Valve button continuously presses against coolant flange 26 fitted on indexing flange. Now use a ring spanner to rotate pinion shaft, and to tighten the nut till it butts against shaft shoulder. Typical circuit diagram is given in page 9. So that pinion teeth 62 engage with the teeth on lock nut Requirements of turret control.

Proper clamped position is auhorizacion by lighted LED on proximity switch Assembly Reference Quantity Drg. Descargar gratis btp – Test24H 2.

Pragati – BTP Turret Manual – PDF Free Download

Coolant flow automatically stops during the indexing movement, as the coolant flange closes the opening of the valve button. Turret can stop in an unclamped position, if the aytorizacion fails during the indexing cycle. Now the encoder can be fitted back in position. Coupling design allows the tool disc to be indexed without lifting. In some controls, a “block search” operation can cause the turret to index to mqnual tool position expected after the axis are repositioned after block search.

Remove coolant flange 26 and coolant ring 24,1. However, care should be taken while mounting the encoder back in its position. Follow the procedure given on page 14 to adjust the encoder in proper position.

Mechanical jam of the turret.

Disconnect 3 phase power supply to the motor. May require frequent changes. Screws 30 and 44 should be tightened firmly after coating them with anti vibration solution like Locktite.


Otherwise, the turret will get declamped, and the turret clamp switch signal will be lost.

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Also align orientation marks on cam gear 8 and sliding coupling 4. Only one of the positions is to be chosen as functional, and should be fitted with the spring autorlzacion valve button Our role in relation to inspecting British Transport Policehttp: Assemble all the components 70, 71, 76 to 84 as shown in fig.

It is preferable to allow the turret to slip in the event of an accidental shock or overload. Switch is held in a clampand the clamp is bolted to the turret body by socket head screw Majual cranking, do not forget to place coverback in position. It is however not autoizacion to tighten the nut by hand to its full travel up to shaft shoulder.

Manual Autorizacion Btp

Pragati Power Corporation Limited ppcl. Adjustment of rotary encoder. Assemble the components 70, 71, 73, 74, 75 as shown in fig 6.